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About Us: Environment

HEI recognizes its responsibility to operate in a way that best conserves our world’s natural resources. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through innovative ideas and the ongoing use of sustainable business practices.

September/October 2011

On September 11th the Atlanta Marriott Northwest associates, in honor of the two Marriott Associates that were killed at the Marriott World Trade Center 10 years ago, planted two Crepe Myrtle trees and placed a monument by them. Over the weekend of the 11th, ribbons were worn by all of their associates. Frank, the General Manager, is able to see the trees from his office. He says many guests stop outside to read the plaque as they walk by.


July/August 2011

All HEI hotels had Earth Day activities. At the Sheraton Music City the Earth Day celebration included a special lunch for all associates with EC members carving prime rib. All associates were given special Earth Day Bags provided by HEI and two trees were planted.

Pictured here from left to right are Matt Harper, Chris Gallatin, Cindy Moradipour, David Williams, Thierry Grodet, Ally Scott, Becky Hayes and Michelle Mefford.

May/June 2011

For Earth Day 2011, the Sheraton Austin Hotel participated in a new sustainable landscaping initiative. New landscaping was created by using all local native and drought resistant plant materials. Texas is undergoing one of the worst droughts in fifty years. Their new initiative complements local community efforts and is compliant with the Austin Green Conservation program. The new plants are expected to save approximately 5,200 gallons of water each year. In addition, all associates also took a pledge not to use plastic and utilize the new Earth Day reusable shopping bags!

Pictured here are our great Austin associates with their new landscaping as well as the No Plastic pledge wall.

March/April 2011

Cow Power!
Poop Power!! Really, it's true… 1811 House has gone to the cows by buying electricity from Cow Power.


January/February 2011

By now you should have noticed that we have replaced most standard light bulbs in your hotel with compact fluorescents. These new bulbs use less power, give off less heat, and last 10x longer than a regular light bulb. Don’t believe me? Chief Engineer Federico Zickbauer of the Sheraton Ft Lauderdale is shown here with a bulb he just replaced. This bulb burns 24 hours a day in their lobby and as you can see by the date was installed in 2006. That’s over 43,000 hours of use!


November/December 2010

To promote saving energy, the Embassy Suites Tyson’s Corner held a poster contest. The winner won a day off with pay! All the posters were great and the vote ended in a tie. Pictured with their winning posters are Luan Woo (Maintenance Tech), Elmer Reyes (Director of Facilities) and Genevieve Mike (Food and Beverage Supervisor).


September/October 2010

Detroit Metro Airport Marriott has earned Green Lodging Michigan (GLM) Partner certification from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG). GLM encourages hotels, resorts, motels, and bed & breakfast facilities to implement environmental initiatives and cost-saving “green” practices to conserve energy, reduce water consumption, protect air quality, reduce waste, and participate in environmentally preferred purchasing. Pictured here with the award are General Manager Joe White and Chief Engineer Dave Monfils.

July/August 2010

Making some green while being green. That is just what happened at our Marriott Fort Worth when the local power company ran a promotion. They purchased $5,500 worth of energy saving lights and received back a rebate check for $7,200! Pictured here accepting the check from the utility company reps are our own Chief Engineer Paul Roche and General Manager Jim Campbell.

May 2010

Earth Day is a great time for education. The Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale held a contest to demonstrate how auto emissions affect air quality. Each contestant placed a clean white sock over his or her car’s exhaust and ran the engine for 30 seconds. The contestant with the dirtiest sock won a free car tune-up, while the one with the cleanest sock won a two night stay at a resort. Pictured are your winners Kylie Binns, Reservations Coordinator, with the cleanest sock and Amie Meyer, Accounting Manager, with the dirtiest sock.

April 2010

Kris Franz, a member of the bell staff at the The Westin St. Louis, was given a request from an in-house guest to shred several legal documents. Kris decided to create a holiday snowman out of all the recycled shredded documents. He even created the arms, buttons and pipe out of the binder seams! Way to go Kris! Remember REUSE is a big part of conservation and I am sure this decoration will get guests thinking about conservation.

March 2010

It’s offi cial. HEI Hotels and Resorts has been named the Energy Star Partner of the Year! This is the biggest award in Energy. Marriott and Starwood have won it before but our company is the fi rst of its size. Thank you for your efforts in saving energy, and a special thanks to Bob Holesko and our 32 Chief Engineers for leading this green initiative!

February 2010

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … no just Bob Holesko dressed as Buzz the Energy Bee. Bob is with Grace Dias, dressed as the Safety Bee, out on Halloween to remind everyone to save energy and bee safe. Bob won the HEI corporate costume contest. Next time Bob visits your hotel look closely at his skin. He still has not been able to get all of that green off!

January 2010

The associates at Westin Philadelphia celebrate winning the 3rd quarter energy contest by showing the gascards they won. Also winning gas cards were the Sheraton Crystal City and the Westin Minneapolis. Winning hotels for the 4th quarter will beannounced in February.
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