acquisition + Development

HEI is one of the most active investors in full service, upper upscale, and luxury hotels through acquisitions, construction take-outs, and ground up developments. We have amassed approximately $2 billion in hotel properties, and are positioned and on track to acquire and/or develop approximately $500 million annually in hotel real estate.

HEI's uniquely advantaged business model and investment process provides sellers with:

Quick Decisions

Combining decades of industry experience, HEI's extensive Acquisition & Development team is vigilant, focused and capable of processing complex transactions with great speed. Our Investment Committee, comprised of five HEI senior executives, is prepared to meet on a moment's notice, in order to respond to opportunities with issuance of an unconditional commitment to close a transaction.

Price Certainty

We pride ourselves on our reputation of closing transactions at the originally agreed upon pricing with sellers. Our extensive transaction experience, well-defined investment strategies, comprehensive yet efficient diligence process, and willingness to invest pursuit dollars on the front end, all work to eliminate "negative surprises," allowing us to consistently provide sellers with unrecanted offers.

Closing Confidence

With over $1.2 billion in equity commitments from an institutional investor base of prestigious university endowments, HEI's private discretionary funds enable nimble, confident transactions. Further, HEI typically closes its transactions all equity without third party debt, thus removing debt financing as a condition to close.