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HEI began as a small hotel investment and management company in the late 1980’s and has evolved into an industry-recognized and highly-respected Owner/Operator. HEI’s fully integrated Owner/Operator approach creates a powerful investment platform, driven by excellence in operating results that yields substantial real estate value creation. As a management company, HEI is driven to consistently set a higher standard of excellence and ensure that our associates have the tools, training and support necessary to excel.

HEI has assembled one of the highest quality hotel portfolios in the United States. Our portfolio is architecturally and characteristically unique; comprised of upper-upscale, luxury, and premium select serve, all located in large metropolitan, urban markets and destination locations, representing the world's leading brands.

There are several ways to measure the success of a hotel management company; HEI's can be measured with:

Expense Margin.  HEI’s detailed, productivity-based approach to budgeting and operations compliance, combined with proprietary tools and training, has resulted in our hotels achieving superior operating margins in the industry. A 1% change in Expense Margin over a 5-year hold period (at 65% leverage) results in a 250 basis point improvement in IRR. This begins with the underwriting process, where, on average, HEI has found 380 basis points of Expense Margin improvement opportunity. The operating team frequently exceeds the underwritten expense savings, which is a testament to this continuous improvement.

Market Share.  A 1% change in Market Share over a 5-year hold period (at 65% leverage) results in a 100 basis point improvement in IRR. During underwriting, HEI leverages its depth of experience across the four major brand families and detailed customer segmentation analysis to identify Market Share growth opportunities.

Associate Satisfaction Scores.  HEI has consistently achieved industry-leading associate (employee) satisfaction scores, well above the peer set of comparable hotel companies. Associate satisfaction is a cornerstone of HEI’s approach to operating hotels and is a critical component to help drive its Ex­pense Margin and Market Share gains. To ensure full alignment of focus, a portion of each hotel general manager’s incentive plan is based on achieving associate satisfaction scores that are much higher than industry average.

Guest Satisfaction Scores.  Achieving appropriate guest satisfaction scores is critical to strong Expense Margin and Market Share growth. HEI routinely exceeds guest expectations while maximizing Expense Margin savings through extensive associate training and targeted capital improve­ments. The strength of HEI’s guest satisfaction scores creates value by driving favorable franchise fee terms from strong brand relationships.

Industry Reputation.  Over the last decade HEI has become one of the largest Full-Service indepen­dent lodging operators in the US. During this time HEI has strengthened existing relationships and forged new ones, evidenced by HEI’s current operating relationships with LaSalle Hotel Properties, Chesapeake Lodging Trust, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, Cornerstone Real Es­tate Advisors, Starwood Capital Group, and many others.

HEI’s core convictions, captured in our Mission, Vision and Values, are the result of a series of multi-level collaborative sessions with a cross section of associates across our company. These statements serve as HEI’s transcendent credo...as well as day-to-day guidelines...for achieving higher standards of personal interaction, two-way communication, professional excellence and collective success.


By owning and operating first class full service hotels and resorts, we provide comfort and hospitality for those away from home, while building meaningful relationships, embracing social responsibility, fostering growth in our associates and creating long term value in our real estate.


We are a cohesive, socially responsible team creating a legacy as the leading private hospitality investment and operating company, recognized by our associates, guests and investors as continually setting a higher standard of excellence.


Team Environment of Passion and Enthusiasm

  • We respect the balance between family and work
  • We recognize achievements; celebrate successes
  • We provide the resources and tools essential for success
  • We embrace the value of diversity


  • We interact honestly and respectfully
  • We meet our commitments
  • We communicate freely and openly
  • We always check that it feels morally right


  • We encourage creative thinking
  • We capitalize on new ideas
  • We take measured risks, allowing “freedom within the framework”
  • We identify and share best practices

Social Responsibility

  • We support our local and global Communities through active involvement
  • We make Associate wellness and development our priority
  • We encourage Relationships with suppliers and guests that support sustainability
  • We promote Environmentally sustainable business practices

Commitment to Excellence

  • We achieve superior investment returns
  • We are the preferred hospitality employer
  • We build loyalty by delivering on guest, associate, and brand expectations