The Art

We’re known for delivering on the numbers. But we go much deeper than just the numbers to create the mood, feel, energy and vibe of a hotel — the Art. Our expertise in brand positioning, activation programming, F&B marketing, and e-commerce establishes us as virtuosos in making a hotel the place guests want to be. Below are just a handful of ways we elevate the guest experience and maximize revenue in the process.

HEI Hotels The Art


Restaurant and Bar concepts are carefully curated to appeal to the local community and in-house guests alike. Our concepts provide locally sourced sustainable ingredients carefully selected by our chefs coupled with beverage programs customized to bring the destination to life. Once a concept is created, our Food + Beverage team at HEI works with the property team to provide training, opening events and marketing opportunities. In addition to our own concept and brand development, HEI works with celebrity chefs and world-class restaurant brands as a franchise operator or licensee while ensuring the brand integrity is executed to the standards of the licensor.


HEI Hotels Programming Activations


By working with teams on the ground at our hotels, our corporate team identifies “on brand” partners that share the unique personality and positioning of our hotels in order to cultivate memorable experiences for our guests. In each market, we find opportunities to bring the city or town to the hotel, infusing authentic experiences and products into our offerings so guests don’t need to leave the property to get a taste of the community where our hotels reside. The spaces we focus on include music, fashion and art, coupled with local food and beverage opportunities. These authentic, indigenous experiences are whimsical and differentiated in each hotel. The photos below represent a small collection of these experiences.

HEI Hotels Branding Pull Through


HEI’s Lifestyle Creative group provides logo work, brand details and service touch points that bring our F&B and Lifestyle hotel concepts to life. We then cultivate the positioning of the hotel through the innovative experiences we offer. Through sophisticated programming, style guides and local partnerships, we curate an experience for “locals we love.” By embracing both the local business and our key partners, we are able to deliver the ultimate destinations for our guests.

HEI Hotels Beverage Programs That Pay You


We identify investors for our company-wide beverage programs and invest their money back into the hotels in the form of activations. Through these dollars we curate live music, art, and fashion events to activate and program our guest experiences in collaboration with our beverage partners.

HEI Hotels Food and Beverage Marketing


Our Corporate F&B Team works in partnership with our Marketing and E-commerce Teams to create a powerful social media platform that targets today’s guests. We establish strategic partnerships in each market to raise awareness and promote cross-marketing opportunities within the communities our hotels reside.

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