Mission, Vision & Values

We believe that being different means being better. We are different because, first and foremost, we recognize that the only way to achieve our objective of maximizing sustainable real estate value for our capital partners is by investing in and developing the most talented and passionate people in our industry. We are innovative because we have a unique philosophy that embraces both Art and Science to create great, profitable hotels. We are successful because we have a unique competitive advantage as a hotel investment firm and a clearly defined point of view about centralizing costs, flattening management and relying on proprietary Tools and Resources that have been proven to make a difference time after time.


At HEI we are dedicated to fulfilling our commitment of love to each other through meaningful relationships, growth in our people and actively building an associate community of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences, all while providing comfort and hospitality for those away from home.


We are a proven, cohesive team creating a legacy as the leading private hospitality investment and operating company, recognized by our associates, guests and capital partners as continually setting a higher standard of excellence in creating value in our people and our hotels.


  • Embrace the culture-defining HEI Loves program
  • Make associate development our priority
  • Respect the balance between family and work
  • Reward achievements; celebrate successes
  • Support our community through active involvement
  • Provide the resources and tools essential for success
  • Recognize the value of diversity
  • Hold ourselves and our teammates accountable at all times
  • Interact honestly and respectfully
  • Meet our commitments
  • Communicate freely and openly
  • Always check that it feels morally right
  • Invest in industry-leading tools and resources
  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Capitalize on new ideas
  • Take measured risks, allowing “freedom within the framework”
  • Recognize and leverage best practices
  • Strive to make a tangible difference in the world around us
  • Support local and global communities
  • Make associate wellness and development a priority
  • Build relationships that support sustainability
  • Promote environmentally-friendly best practices
  • Recognize that success starts and ends with our associates
  • Achieve superior operating performance
  • Be the preferred hospitality employer
  • Build loyalty by delivering on guest, associate, and brand expectations
  • Realize disciplined growth

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