The Science

From our first day of operations, we execute a purpose-built strategy that’s designed to maximize profit. In addition to centralizing key support services, we leverage a variety of tools and resources to drive revenue, while rebuilding the cost structure to be lower than others in the space. When taken together, it’s a Science, and we do it extremely well.


Our operations team embraces an entrepreneurial spirit within a flexible, supportive infrastructure: Freedom within a Framework. Our operating platform is a collection of tools, technology, and training – plus analytical resources to identify and support making ongoing, value-enhancing asset improvements.

HEI Operating Platform

Centralized Services

We’re pleased to offer a variety of centralized services through the HEI Service Platform (HSP), a collection of mandatory and optional value-add enterprise programs. With these programs, we’re able to maximize real estate value by delivering essential services with greater cost efficiency and execution than if they’re performed at the property level. The improved efficiency is possible, thanks to our consistent, process-driven approach and our comprehensive technical infrastructure. The result is a lower fixed property cost, combined with faster and more consistent implementation of our strategies, and better human talent with lower turnover.

Mandatory Shared Services
  • Accounting Systems
  • Sales and Revenue Systems
  • Associate Payroll, Training and Development
  • IT Support, Security and Productivity Services
  • Internal Audit
  • Engineering Systems and PM Audit
  • Merchandising, Promotion and Reputation Management

Value-Add Components

While some of our programs are mandatory, we also offer several optional “value-add” programs that deliver meaningful value in certain scenarios.

Optional Centralized Programs

These programs are great options for select hotels to capitalize on centralized resources to drive increased value.

  • Finance – Provides a centralized DOF, accounts payable processing, balance sheet entries and reconciliations, and general centralized accounting support.
  • Human Resources – Supplies centralized HR support, including a centralized HRD, instead of requiring an on-site Human Resources Director.
  • Revenue Management – Offers a centralized DORM as an alternative to an on-property DORM, as well as a pool of group room coordinators who are highly-trained in dealing with group reservations and cancellation collections.
  • Sales – Provides a centralized DOS, centralized group sellers, and centralized business transient sales support.

Optional Value Enhancement Programs

These value-add programs are great in unique circumstances as an alternative to fully centralized departments or hiring certain on-property resources.

  • Enterprise Payables Management – Includes access to centralized services such as accounts payable processing and balance sheet entries and reconciliations, for hotels where full Centralized Finance is not appropriate.
  • Enterprise Recruiting – Offers full-service centralized talent recruiting for managers and above.
  • Enterprise Reservations – Grants access to a pool of coordinators who are highly trained in dealing with group reservations and cancellation collections.
  • Enterprise Marketing – Offers full-service marketing services in lieu of a local marketing manager. Partners with on-site team to drive revenues through community engagement.

hei hotels workers compensation

Workers Comp

On-the-job injury or illness issues have a direct impact on profit performance. We ensure that GMs and their executive teams are directly involved in all safety programs and responsible for getting people back to work. HEI has used its scale to establish an industry-leading workers comp program designed to minimize expense volatility.

Workplace Management

Workplace Management

All GMs, and their senior and mid-level management teams, work side-by-side with Associates in a hands-on and collaborative fashion, maximizing labor productivity.

Health Care

Health Care

HEI emphasizes and motivates preventative care. An HRA (Healthcare Reimbursable Account) encourages Associates to become actively engaged in responsibly managing their own healthcare. This proactive approach, combined with HEI’s scale, has achieved an overwhelming level of support from our associates, at an attractive cost to our capital partners. 

Positive Associate Relations

Positive Associate Relations

Our most valuable asset is our people. Creating a positive associate culture is paramount in creating value. At HEI we believe in recognizing and rewarding our team members while promoting from within. The GMs in our hotels hold monthly Positive Associate Relations (PAR) meetings to listen, gain valuable feedback and ensure that each team member has what they need to be successful. Through these discussions we learn what is most important to our teams and find ways in which to fulfill these needs to keep our team members engaged. In addition to this, our core associate touchpoints, from GM Roundtable discussions, departmental monthly meetings and Town Hall celebrations, are all collectively working together to create a positive associate culture.

HEI Reputation Management

Reputation Management

With a team of Reputation Management Analysts dedicated to each hotel, we work to preserve and improve our reputation performance across all key consumer-facing platforms. GMs personally manage Trip Advisor while working with our Reputation team on key tactics to grow our number of four- and five-star reviews on both branded and OTA sites where our travelers are “shopping” the most. At HEI, we believe the buying decision is influenced by the reputation of the hotel so we provide the resources to influence that decision. In addition to the reputation of our hotels to the guest, we believe it is as important to maintain a positive reputation for prospective associates, and the GM also works with our Human Resources professionals across associate platforms such as Indeed to ensure we maintain and improve our reputation in order to attract and retain the best talent.

HEI Service Culture Training

Training Platform

At HEI, we continue to invest in our people through several training platforms. With a dedicated Training department, we engage on every level across disciplines such as Revenue Management, Sales Strategy, Guest Satisfaction, Expense Management, Safety and more. Through these custom programs and training sessions, we are able to quickly adapt to the ever-evolving business and get these learnings to our property teams efficiently and effectively. In addition to this technology, HEI develops custom Service Culture and Brand training for our Lifestyle and Independent hotels. Through this in-person, classroom training, associates learn about their hotel’s personality, attributes and how their role as a guest “ambassador” of the hotel pulls through the property’s service culture.


Over the years we have created – and cultivated – a number of proprietary tools and resources that improve the performance of the hotels and resorts we operate. These tools help drive the Science behind what we do. With them we have perfected a model that delivers again and again by helping us make better decisions at every moment, at every level. We are known for delivering excellent results in metrics including Revenue Management and Profit Contribution, and we’re justifiably proud of this reputation.


HEI’s proprietary Revenue Management Tools are built from a single data warehouse and leverage multiple information sources to distill overpowering amounts of data into easy-to-interpret facts with actionable guidance. Our incomparable team of data scientists and architects, in direct partnership with our industry revenue experts and open feedback from property teams, allows us to turn data into quick and decisive winning strategies.

Provides guidance for revenue strategies, rate setting, and group targets by combining multiple sources of data (STR, Demand360, local property) into a single repository with a visually pleasing and intuitive interface.

Tracks characteristics of our all-important business transient accounts – including their willingness to buy and at what price – and allows properties to target and price these volume accounts most effectively.

Identifies the value of every lead and tracks each from arrival to closure, enabling more rapid response, higher closure ratios, greater visibility, and fewer lost leads.

Tracks group booking pace against strategic minimum and maximum goals by day, driving hotels to maximize group performance by their patterns on dates where it’s needed as opposed to simply by overall volume.


HEI’s proprietary Looking Glass® Suite of expense management tools provide real-time insight into spending habits across the hotel. These tools allow leaders to not only see what’s happening in real-time but also help them adjust their behavior long before it shows up on a P&L.

Directs properties to schedule labor smartly and effectively to achieve outstanding guest service while meeting budgeted productivity targets.

Assists properties in managing direct spending against budgeted allotments as business volumes change throughout the month.
Provides daily insight into food cost spending and gives culinary leaders the ability to monitor and quickly modify their spending habits.
Gives properties insight into their energy consumption and how it compares to expected usage given daily changes in weather, occupancy, and behavior.


When you work with us, a treasure trove of resources is made available to you. Owners find these resources extremely valuable because they drive results in everything from Revenue and Expense Management to Associate and Guest Satisfaction.

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